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+ Overview
Combining our background in top-tier management consulting, business analytics, data science and software technologies, we serve clients with extensive business/functional knowledge and deep technical expertise.

Analytics-Based Manageement Consulting

Technical Consulting

  • For senior management: Business Performance Reporting & Planning
  • For Sales force: Sales Force Effectiveness and Performance Management
  • For Marketing: Marketing Sciences, Secondary Marketing Research
  • For Finance: Financial Planning & Analysis; Forecasting;
  • Big data - Hadoop, Hive, Spark, R, etc
  • SAS - SAS Institute consulting partner
  • IBM - Cognos TM1
  • Microsoft - MS SQL, ASP.NET, Excel/VBA, Access/VBA
  • General web technologies - HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
+ Business Performance Management & Reporting
Business Review and Planning (BRP) is the foundation to achieve targeted business performance.

What drives the effectiveness and efficiency of BRP? Skills and tools!

ACT assists clients to develop effective and efficient BRP by performing:

  • Business issue identification
  • BRP template design (including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) design)
  • Software development - Since BRP is done on a regular basis, the software automates the repeatative work - data collectionn, KPI calculation, charts/table presentation, etc.
+ Marketing Science and CRM Analytics
Again, combing our marketing, analytics, and sofware expertise, we help client in a variety of data driven marketing analysis:
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Price decisions - price elasticity
  • Promotion response
  • Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)
+ Commercial Operations, Sales Force Effctivenesss, and CRM
Coupling our business and technical expertise, we focuses on addressing the analytics and data management issues for client's commercial operations, business analytics, and IT organizations. Given the richness of the types of work and the limit space here, we only highlight a couple areas below.
  • Database/data warehouse system for commercial ops/business analytics groups: ACT has ample experiences in this area. We have built this type of systems using both SAS and MS SQL for renowned clients.
  • Sales force performance management dashboards and reporting systems: ACT has built many, many such systems. We have proven best practices to develop business focused solutions.
    1. We work with sales force leadership to identify business issues, define KPIs and performance review template
    2. we develop and deploy the software system
    3. Partner with sales force training group, we provide business issue focused training to the sales force
+ IBM Cognos TM1 for finance and forecasting applications
ACT had been implementing IBM Cognos TM1 solutions for clients since 2005. In terms of business areas, we developed systems and applications for forecasting and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A).

Our work include

  • Business requirement analysis
  • System architecture design and implementation
  • Turbo Integrator (TI) process programming
  • Excel centric analysis and reporting applications
  • System administration
+ SAS for business intelligence and business analytics
ACT has been serving clients with SAS based analytics and software development since early stage of the company. We are a consulting partner of SAS Institute.

Our consulting services include:

  • SAS based data mart development
  • SAS based business and advanced analytics including various statistical analysis
  • SAS based reporting solution integrating with front-end systems such as, Access/VBA, Excel/VBA, PowerPoint
+ Microsoft Database, Web, and Office technologies
Our typical clients like Microsoft technologies as the frount end - web-based user interface or sophiscated Excel applications with lots of VBA code making the application dynamic with great business insights and user experiences. Some also want MS SQL server as the backend.

So, our consulting work has been

  • Database and data warehouse development in MS SQL server
  • Business intelligence web site using ASP.NET, C#, etc
  • Personalized Excel/VBA sales forece reports for 10,000 users each with different contents
  • Small Access based database application to solve client's departmental needs